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Composite Marble and Natural Stones Comparison Table

Factors Marble/Natural Stone Composite Marble
Colour Consistency
No Yes
High Very Low
Low High
On Site Polishing Ready to Use
Cost of Insitu Polishing
Extra No Extra Cost
High Low
Pinholes & Cracks
Filling Required No Filling Required
Uniformity in Quantity Supplied
There are Constraints No Constraints
Laying & Completion Time
High Low
High Low
Supply Schedule
Non Controllable As per Schedule
Size Consistency
No Yes
Thickness / Size Option
Not Always Available Always Available

Composite Marble Technical Specifications

Test Specification Standard of Test Standard of Measurement Range of Composite Marble
Water Absorption
EN99 % <%0.3
Thermal Expansion
Linear Coefficient of T.E.
EN 103 µ/mºc <15
Surface Hardness
EN 103 Mohs Scale 3-4
ASTM C 97 gm/cc >2.40
Compressive Strength
ASTM C 170 Mpa >100
Flexural Strength/
Moduls of Rupture
EN100 Kg/cm² >270kg/cm²
Reflection % >%65
Chemical Resistance
(Resistance to Acid)
EN 14617 CI.C4 CI.C4
Resistance to Deep Abrasion
EN 102 mm³ 150-400

Other Features

- Resistance to abrasion, shock & flexural strength.
- Dimensional Stability that reduces wastage during installation.
- Uniformity in color that makes it suitable for large applications
- Repolishable.


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