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Quarry Selection & Inspection
One of the most important services that Stone Index provides is Quarry selection & inspection. If the customer project is a long term one with several shipments, selected quarry needs to have enough reserves and the required regularity for each shipment. Stone Index inspectors check them on site.
Since marble & travertine are natural products, 100% regularity can never be guaranteed. Stone Index provides the most possible regularity that meets customer requirements.

Factory Selection & Inspection
Once the quarry is selected, the most suitable factory should be selected according to the required product specifications and schedule. Factory should have the capability to manage the product specifications (e.g. having tumbling, polishing, honing etc. process or being able to manage mosaics) and its allocation should be available according to the customer schedule.
Stone Index inspectors can handle this issue on behalf of the customers.

Product Q&A Inspection
After the product is manufactured according to the customer schedule and specifications, Q&A inspection is done by Stone Index. This service covers the quality, regularity, dimensions and packing process of the product.

General Inspection Product Strength Inspection Dimension Inspection
Dimension Inspection Case Dimensions Inspection Inspected Case

Loading the goods to the container
Stone Index inspectors make sure that the lashing service is done properly for the safety of the shipment.

Products at the Warehouse Lashing Lashing Container is ready for Shipment
Lashing Lashing


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